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The UNAIDS has designated every 1st December each year as World AIDs Day Celebration.

The Theme for 2023 year is “Let Community Lead.” It was a call for the community of Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV), key populations (KPs) ; mothers, Orphans and vulnerable groups to take an active participation in the national HIV response and thereby, take a lead in the World AIDs Day celebration across the country.

The Ghana AIDs Commission (GAC) set every 1st December to celebrate the Day. During the day, all Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assembly’s across the nation celebrate the Day.

The reasons behind the celebration of the World HIV/AIDs day is to visit various Institutions, Churches , and Mosques to educate, sensitize and screening by way of testing many persons to know their status. The day is also climax with a float through the principal street of the municipality to announce the need to abstain from unprotected sex (use condom), get tested know your status and minimize the spread of the virus.

Old Tafo Municipal Assembly on Friday 1st December 2023 actively involved in the World HIV/AIDs Day Celebration. The Municipal Assembly in collaboration of Tafo Government Hospital Nurses visited Alpha Radio at Pankrono and Aban information Center at the Old Tafo mile 4 Station to educate the traders and the drivers as well as the people the need to know their status. We wish to express that the entire World HIV/AIDs Day Celebration was successful.

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